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QUIX Shows Fans His “Guiding Light” and Takes the Trap World by Storm

When someone is taken out of their comfort zone, that is often when we receive the best results. Stepping on over to Aoki’s Dim Mak, we are checking out QUIX’s brand new trap track “Guiding Light”. Originating from New Zealand, QUIX broke through the American scene after an international tour that was 10 dates turned into 42. QUIX has been incredibly busy throughout 2018/19, headlining multiple major tours and a breakout Illusions EP through the Dim Mak label. There are plenty of amazing projects in the pipeline, and QUIX is going to continue to destroy the scene.

Since 2017, QUIX has been tearing it up in the trap scene through Aoki’s Dim Mak label. “Guiding Light” serves as just another rung in the metaphorical ladder of his career, yet it is a gargantuan one, to say the least. The track highlights the silky and soft vocal work of Sanna Martinez, whose voice enchants us until QUIX appears with the drop. What the hell of a drop it is too, inviting listeners to join QUIX’s reverberating soundscape of pleasure. Since “Guiding Light” is QUIX’s third single of 2019, all we can ask is…where is the EP bru?

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