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House of Cards (S4)…An Underwood Presidency

Hello everybody! As with each of the preceding seasons, it is time we checked out season 4 of House of Cards!



DIRECTOR:   Carl Franklin, Jodie Foster, James Foley and Robin Wright

STARRING: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Michel Gil, Molly Parker, Gerald McRaney, Mahershala Ali, Sebastian Arcelus

GENRE: Political, Drama

YEAR: 2013- Current

COUNTRY: United States

After recovering, Doug rejoins Team Underwood to take out Heather Dunbar in the Democratic Nomination. Frank may win the nomination to go against the potential Republican candidate. Meanwhile Claire has left Frank. So Frank must find a way to rekindle his marriage or will her leaving be his downfall? Also near the end of Season 3, Doug had attacked the only loose end to Frank, Gavin Orsay. Will Gavin want revenge on Doug and take actions against Doug and Frank? How will Frank handle Claire’s movement? And at last, who will be the new president?


I have been waiting for you for a long time…House of Cards. I wasn’t overly thrilled with season 3, since it felt like much of a set up season. How did season 4 do? Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it, easily renewing my love for House of Cards. I was surprised with the sheer amount of newcomers this season, luckily most of them hit it out of the park. I mean it should be expected…you are on freaking House of Cards. Unlike season 3, season 4 had quite a handful of callbacks to events in previous seasons, establishing a more solid campaign than Frank Underwood’s political career. Lastly I have to mention Robin Wright…damn she has the best performance in the entire season. I used to hate you Claire…but now that you are as deceiving as your husband I love you. Unfortunately, the easiest way to describe season 4 without any major spoilers is that this season is INTENSE.

House-of-cards-peter-russo-zoe-season-4For the most part, season 4 is perhaps the best season since season 1. Unfortunately though, nothing can be perfect. While Robin Wright absolutely nailed every scene throughout the season, I thought it was an odd choice primarily focusing on Claire. While I understand that it makes rather interesting content (I mean, I enjoyed it) and it further’s Claire’s character, I would have taken a different approach that was evidently decided on in the season. Claire…go smoke a cigarette for the both of us. Just remember you don’t need no man.


  • Newcomers performances.
  • Robin Fricken Wright.
  • Intense and uncomfortable scenes.
  • Intriguing story.


  • Primarily Claire-focused.
  • Could have taken a different approach.

SCORE: 9.0 / 10

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