Singer/Songwriter Activist Brittany Campbell Drops Personal New Single “Eternally”

When you are a talented singer/songwriter, animator, actress, and activist, you can easily make waves with every project drop. On our latest peek into the R&B world we are checking out “Eternally”, the latest single from Brittany Campbell. A first-generation American born to Jamaican parents, Campbell discovered her love for music while being fully immersed by all kinds of music thanks to her reggae DJ father. She was even recruited by the Metropolitan Opera at age 7 and finally burst out onto the scene with her debut album Stay Gold in 2018. You may also recognize Campbell through her work starring alongside Idina Menzel in the new musical Wild and serving as one of five writers of the music for Paramount+’s upcoming Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies show. or her work on Hamilton and Netflix’s remake of Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It. 

“I can’t say that I was thriving when I finally revisited this song…grieving was the pinnacle part of the process…this song was a wish…for love eternal..I wrote it when I was still with my first love…even though the walls were crumbling around us, I held to him, fixated on this idea that my first would be my last…everlasting…it has taken sometime to get over us…I have tried to go about it a multitude of ways but the only way over was to go through it…realizing that our love has left its imprint on me…eternal. Accepting that you are in the very fabric of my being… eternal…understanding it was you who walked with me in the beginning of my journey towards radical love…eternal.” – Brittany Campbell

While she is still making waves in the contemporary scene, Campbell originally showed up on our radar back in 2020 during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement. Her 2020 single “Matter” was quickly picked up by NPR’s topical ‘We Insist: 2020’s Protest Music’ playlist and Democracy Now! While we were enraptured by her vocal performance, we were eager to hear more from her in a different setting. The more we dove into her discography and when “Eternally” popped into our inbox, we could tell that Campbell could lead a new generation of R&B artists. While songs like “Eternally” are incredibly personal and allow the listener a peek behind the curtain that is Brittany Campbell, it is also universal in scope and can resonate with anyone who connects with it. While Campbell continues to evolve her sound, we can’t wait to hear just how far she climbs.

Make sure you check out “Eternally” on YouTube below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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