Hamster Captures Us in the Story of the Hustle in "Heavyweight"

While everyone goes through the hustle and grind, sometimes it does actually pay off. This week we are revisiting a friend from last month with “Heavyweight”, the last from Hamster’s catalog. While Hamster has only been in the modern electronic scene since 2016, Hamster is no stranger to the music scene. Hamster is a prolific rock artist for over a decade, but couldn’t resist the pull any longer. Hamster has been riding the success of his last release; “City Limits”; which went viral an reached as high as #8 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart. This further boosted his numbers, as the track has reached over 1 million plays!

Heavyweight‘ is about the hustle. It tells the story of someone who is swimming upstream, set on meeting their goals and making the best of a hard situation. On the road to success, people are faced with all sorts of compromises – sacrificing their comfort, their resources, their values, and their relationships – and living within that tension can take a toll on a person’s spirit. ‘Heavyweight‘ speaks to this tension, particularly for the hustlers out there who believe that you have to play the game to change the game.” – Hamster

Since we keep emphasizing about respecting the hustle and grind, we thought that Hamster’s “Heavyweight” would be a perfect choice. The track tells the story of a modern hustler s they struggle and strive for success in today’s ever-brutal industry. Hamster stretches his cinematic muscles as he sets the scene for Alma Cook through his dynamic production style and complimentary drops. Alma steals the show with a raw and emotive vocal performance, causing the track to be stirring on multiple levels.
Make sure you check out “Heavyweight” on Spotify below!

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