Bass Trio BROHUG Drops “Stealth” and “Mixtape 3”, Comfort For Global Bass Heads!

When you have a successful series of EPs, you can’t just let it die at two. This time around we are checking out “Stealth” and Mixtape 3, the latest EP in the Mixtape series from the trio known as BROHUG. Founded back in 2016 in Sweden by John Dahlbäck, Chris Lunde, and Niklas Lunde, BROHUG has amassed plenty of talent behind their satirical name. BROHUG has worked with the likes of Ghastly and Steve Angello, as well as dropping releases on labels such as Confession, Spinnin’ Records, Dim Mak, Musical Freedom, and now launching their own label BROHOUSE. 2019 may have been a year for back to back BROHUG hits,  but 2020 has made quite the stage for these electro maestros.

The ‘Mixtape‘ series continues with #3; a concept which we wanted to focus on in 2020, releasing crates of new music to move the dancefloors. While we all expected to be partying together this year, a different hand was dealt. The 4 tracks featured on Mixtape 3 were made during the beginning of shutdowns around the world, and we wanted them to represent and inspire the strength music can provide during crazy times. At times of uncertainty, sometimes the best thing we can do is listen to music, dance, and forget about the outside world, if only for a moment.” – BROHUG

If you feel like you’ve heard most of Mixtape 3 already, then no, you’re not going crazy. Mixtape 3 consists of three previously released songs: “Escape”, “Charge”, and “Breach” while adding “Stealth” into the fray and releasing them in a more official capacity. Mixtape 3 is exactly what fans of BROHUG need, with all four tracks featuring beats primed for shuffling and absolutely filthy synths that BROHUG is known for. “Stealth” highlights a deep, driving bass to keep the party moving forward and at the same time providing plenty of heavy beats for those struggling bass heads out there. Use Mixtape 3 to lift your spirits during this pandemic and improve yourselves for when the world is done resetting.

Make sure you check out “Stealth” from Mixtape 3 on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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