Cali Rodi’s “God Save the Queen” Channels Traumatic Energy into Empowerment

There are certain regions of the world that we tend to look toward for a particular type of music, and you’re surprised when you find something a bit different from what you were looking for. Today’s showcase is on “God Save the Queen”, a brand new single from the firecracker of a new artist Cali Rodi. Currently based out of the always sunny Los Angeles, Cali Rodi was initially discovered by country superstar Keith Urban and spent her early stages crafting her skills with the best of Music Row. Officially making her debut back in 2017, Cali dropped her indie-pop single “Party, Favor” which found success on the charts after being added to the Radio Disney rotation. Now working with talented producers Lindgren and Emily Wright, Cali Rodi continues to grace fans of indie music with her sound.

The story behind the creation of “God Save the Queen” is an interesting, albeit incredibly troubling, event. Cali Rodi penned the track after suffering from a physical attack in broad daylight and unfortunately, the bystander effect was in full swing. Not a single individual passing by reached out to help, not wanting to get involved. Even though she was tapped of all of her power in that moment, the energy fueled her down the line and pushed her to create “God Save the Queen”. You can feel the drive and energy in each note, with Cali desperately trying to share this empowerment for others in need.

“I wanted to create a song that gave me hope and strength because I felt powerless in the moment. Resisting the ubiquitous ‘sad girl narrative. It’s an understatement to say life is hard these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a little fun.” – Cali Rodi

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