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WWE NXT|5-21-14|Bo-Leave!

Hello my friends and welcome to my review of May 21st edition of NXT Wrestling! Tonight’s advertised main event is Bo Dallas vs. Big E. If Bo wins he get a shot at the NXT Title if he loses he must leave NXT for good! Can Bo beat Big E once again, or will Big E finally be able to put away Bo?

Bo Dallas Highlight.

Before the show begins we get a highlight of what has happened to Bo in the past months. We see him lose the title to Neville and lost the battle royal, than it highlights his match against Big E tonight, along with advertising that the NXT World Champion will be in action and WWE Divas Champion Paige will return to NXT to take on Tamina Snuka in a rematch from Extreme Rules. A great way to get the fans excited about the show!

Win or Go Home Match!

Bo Dallas vs. Big E

Before the match begins the announcer, announces the rules for the match. If Bo Dallas wins he will be granted a title shot at the NXT Championship, but if he loses he must leave NXT for good! Bo comes out first and before Big E comes out Bo grabs a mic and says NXT was born from Bo-Leiving and dubs himself Mr. NXT! Out next is Big E and it is evident the NXT crowd remembers the former World Champ as they chant “5” at him! Once the bell rang, Big E started to over power Bo with numerous heavy strikes and a huge Shoulder block. Bo rolled out of the ring, but it didn’t stop Big E. Big E continued o beat down on Bo, until Bo caught Big E off guard by taking Big E down with a forearm to the leg. Bo took advantage of his surroundings by slamming Big E face first into the steel steps. Bo gained control here as he continued to beat down on E outside the ring, before tossing him back in and locking in a chin lock! Bo has the submission hold locked in for quite awhile, but Big E managed to get out and this is where the match gets exciting. The competitors began to trade blows back an forth! They traded heavy strikes and hard hitting moves such as scoop clams, stiff clotheslines and Bo even managed to reverse Big E’s Big Ending to hit his Under hook DDT, but Big E managed to kick out. Dallas, shocked by the fact someone manged to kick out, he began to grow desperate! Bo than grew a a big smile on his face and unwrapped his wrist tape and tossed it to the side. The referee went to pick it up, but while his back was turned he untied the turnbuckle cover and looked to beat Big E the same way he beat him for the NXT Championship. Dallas ran at Big E, but E managed to catch him and tossed him right into the unpadded turnbuckle, Bo stumbled forward and Big E caught him and lifted him up on his shoulder to hit the Big Ending for the three count.

Winner – Big E

Rating – 9/10: Wow, these two put on a great match, and it was a fitting way to send Bo away. These two have great chemistry together and I look forward to future matches between the two on the main roster! The ending was great, sending both back to their title match together with this time Big E learning from his past mistakes. After the match ended Bo threw a fit in the ring and screamed at the fans “Don’t leave me!” When we came back from commercial break, we were shown what happened during it. Bo continued his fit and before he left he told the NXT Universe he never liked them and he said there just sick and told them to leave! It’s sad to see Bo go since he was one of the best parts of NXT, he did debut on this weeks Smackdown and I wish him the best of luck on the main roster!

Backstage Exclusive with Tyson Kidd.

Kidd is asked backstage about his number one contendership and if this is why he came back to NXT. Kidd responds by saying that this is exactly why he came back and come NXT Take Over he will fulfill his destiny!

Sami Zayn Interview

Devin Taylor is backstage to interview Sami Zayn, they talk about his loss last week. Sami says he can’t let it affect him and compliments Tyson on being opportunistic, Tyler Breeze walks through the frame while looking at his phone before bumping into Zayn. The two exchange words, Zayn points out the fact the Breeze was the one who got pinned last week, but Breeze quickly responds by saying he didn’t get pined by him. Zayn says they can settle it tonight, but Breeze says he is busy and says he will see him at Take Over! This sets up another great match on an already great card for next week! Zayn and Breeze have been two of the most promising and popular stars on the NXT roster and they should put on a great match next week. Zayn was a lot better on the mic this week and Breeze just continues to impress!

Tamina Snuka vs. Paige (c)

Tonight we have a special treat, as we have a rematch from this years Extreme Rules PPV! The WWE Divas Champion returns to NXT to take on her rival Tamina Snuka! At Extreme Rules these two didn’t put on the match I expected! Honestly in my opinion Paige’s run on the WWE Main Roster hasn’t been all to great! For some reason WWE has decided to not let her look strong and honestly portrays her as a weak champion who gets lucky! Tonight should be different since this is Paige’s home! Paige tried to take it to Tamina early, but after she made the mistake and headbutted Snuka and  Tamina was able to over powered to Divas Champion and used her strength to her advantage as she hit Paige with numerous hard blows!  Paige manged to get back into control as she followed up with many stiff clotheslines and proved that she could brawl with the best! The two traded hard hitting blows, but Tamina got back into control when she lifted and sat Paige on the ropes just to push her out of the ring to the outside! Tamina eventually left the ring and tossed Paige back in. Snuka climbed to the top rope and attempted to hit The Superfly Splash, but the Divas Champion got her feet up and rolled a stunned Tamina Snuka for the three count!

Winner – Paige (c)

Rating – 7\10: I felt that this match was way better than their Extreme Rules match! It was more hard hitting and they definitely showed they can put on a good match, now only if WWE would let them. My only gripe with this match was the ending, once again Paige’s win was made to seem like luck! I don’t understand why they won’t let her look like the strong champion she can be. If WWE somehow fails on Paige, they really messed up!

Camacho vs. Adam Rose

These two have had a fun rivalry as of late, and I’ve been really surprised with Camacho as of late! Tonight Rose looks to get his revenge on Camacho after he beat down on one of his Rosebuds, Captain Comic! Rose has made his official debut to the WWE Main Roster, but it hasn’t been a huge hit yet. His first couple of appearance weren’t received to well, but the fans are beginning to warm up to him since this past Monday Night Raw at London! Even though it is apparent Rose has a problem with both Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, right now he needs to focus on his first real rival, Camacho! Rose went running at Camacho, but it did not last long as Camacho used his strength to his advantage and tossed Rose of him! I was honestly a bit surprised to see Camacho have control over Rose for the majority. It seemed that every move Rose, tried Camacho countered with an even more powerful move! but it wasn’t to long before we saw the more dangerous side of Rose come out. Rose began to hit Camacho with many of his most powerful moves and even went for The Party Fall, but Camacho once again uses his strength to his advantage and tosses Rose off him and rolls out of the ring and accepts the count out!

Winner – Adam Rose

Rating – 7\10: I was honestly surprised by this match, I really expected Rose to dominate Camacho and pick up an easy victory! but Camacho surprised me tonight as he continues to impress by showing off more of his move set, and for the first time unlike Mojo Rawley or The Ascension we see a new superstar taken to the limit! I was expecting WWE to protect Rose, but I feel it was a lot smarter to show not only can he dish out damage but he can take it to. The ending was fitting as it continues the rivalry between the two, and if they keep up the great work. I won’t even mind. I’m really enjoying this feud between the two!

Round 2 of the NXT Womens Championship Tournament.

Sasha Banks W/ Charlotte vs. Natalya

So we have our final match in the actual tournament, the winner of this match will go on the face Charlotte next week at NXT: Take Over for the vacated NXT Womens Championship! While Sasha was making her entrance we are shown a video of Charlotte talking about this match. She expresses how she wants Sasha to beat Natalya, but she also doesn’t because she doesn’t want to show her BFFs weakness! Early on in the match, Natalya dominated Sasha counter every move she attempted to hit her with and even hitting some of her own impressive, but after Sasha hung Natalya in the middle of the ropes and slammed her knees down into her gut, The Boss began to take control. Sasha stomped repeatedly onto the shoulder blades of Nattie and even hit an impressive spring board bulldog. It seemed once Sasha hit the mat though, she hurt her leg. Banks rolled out of the ring holding the back of her leg, Charlotte yelled at Banks to get up and even picked her up and tossed her back into the ring! Sasha obviously upset by the told Charlotte not to touch her and the two exchanged words, meanwhile Nattie got back up and swept Banks of her feet to lock into The Sharpshooter to force The Boss to tap out!

Winner – Natalya

Rating – 6\10: For a short match this was rather enjoyable! I was glad to see Banks show off her skill set and that is wasn’t completely dominated by Nattie. I also enjoy the whole injury angle, because it gives doubt to Nattie’s win and really shows that Sasha Banks is a competitor. It’s obvious the WWE is building towards the split of The BFFs and it could all start with the NXT Womens Championship, but Charlotte has to get through Natalya first, and it was evident by the look on her face after the match, that she is not to happy that she has to fight Natalya!

NXT: Take Over Card!

Before our main event, they hyped Take Over one last time, showing us what the card looks like so far. The following matches will take place next week at Take Over

Number One Contendership Match for the NXT Championship

Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze

Adam Rose vs. Camacho

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Kalisto & El Local vs. The Ascension (c)

NXT Womens Championship Match

Charlotte vs. Natalya

NXT World Title Macth

Tyson Kidd vs. Adrian Neville (c)

Curt Hawkins vs. Adrian Neville (c)

and now it is time for out main event! It has been a long time since we have seen Curt Hawkins in one on one action, and he continues the trend tonight of returning to NXT to make a name for himself, and what better to do that than to defeat the NXT Champion just a week before his title defense! These two had a great little match here! For the time it was given, Hawkins got to showcase his move set, and I got to admit, he is really good. I hope to see more from him in the future, but it wasn’t long until Neville landed some stiff kicks and climbed to the top to hit The Red Arrow for the win

Winner – Adrian Neville

Rating – 6\10: Sadly this was a short match! It could of been much better, given that both superstars are great in the ring, but it served its purpose and that was to make the Champ look strong going into his title defense next week against Tyson Kidd. I hope we get to see more from Hawkins, because he is a lot better than I remembered! but speaking of Tyson Kidd…

Tyson Kidd & Adrian Neville Segment.

Kidd comes down shortly after the match and explains to Neville he is not here to cause a problem, but he wanted to tell Neville straight to his face that next week the NXT Title goes home with him! Kidd explains that he has been on Raw and Smackdown! Kidd explains how he is a former tag team champion! Tyson goes on to explain how he misses that feeling and that NXT is going to propel him to the top! Neville responds by saying that he has been watching Tyson for a very long time, but if Kidd thinks that he is going to use NXT as his springboard and use him as a pawn to get to the top, its not happening. He explains that NXT is the future and even states how he is the future. He ends the conversation by telling Tyson at Take Over, the only person in his family that is going to walk out with a title will be his wife, as usual! We have not seen much interaction between these two, but finally we see them in the ring with each other, and I got to say this promo was well done and did a great job of hyping the match for next week!

Superstar of the Night – Big E

Despite tonight having some really great matches, there wasn’t many superstars who made a huge impact. The only two that come to mind is Natalya and Big E! Natalya won tonight and will go on to challenge for the Womens Title next week, but in her match she was mostly on the defense, and besides what Big E did in my opinion made a bigger impact. Big E not only finally beat Bo Dallas, but he is also the reason the The Self Dubbed, Mr. NXT will no longer be appearing on NXT! In my opinion beating the longest reigning NXT World Champion (as of this review) and forcing him out of NXT is as a good as any reason to be awarded The Superstar of the Night!

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