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Independent Turkish Producer Turkum Displays Every Single One of His Emotions in New Album “Anti-Sober”


While this artist may be a relative newcomer, it won’t stop him from expressing all of his emotions and putting them out for display. This time we are flying out to Turkey for Anti-Sober, the brand new album from independent artist Turkum. Despite Turkum’s relatively short career, his style and his productions have yet to go unnoticed. Turkum expresses as much as he can through a dark and minimalistic style while focusing on the quality of the music before anything else. Turkum’s last release “Dreams” impressed big names within the community, earning him a spot with Elysian Records and Lowly Palace. Turkum has even appeared high on multiple Spotify playlists, expanding his reach to millions.

Anti-Sober was more than just an album for me, it was the downhill transition for myself where I noticed that my perspective on reality took a new extreme,” he says. “I came to an answer with the fact that you just can’t change some things in this world. Alcohol was a way out for me being able to put the bullshit aside and really talk to anyone without having to see the reality of humans and the conflict of ego amongst society.” – Turkum

As for Anti-Sober, the album is Turkum’s rawest production to date. Detailing the feelings Turkum experienced while struggling with his humanity and alcohol abuse, the album expresses his complete range of emotions. Angst, anger, fear, sadness, loneliness, hope, it all can be found within Anti-Sober‘s tracklist. While each track differs in emotion and intensity, just as the adrenaline pumping “Power” to the haunting vocal work of “Yout Heart”, Turkum’s production molds each of these wild tracks into a whirlwind of cinematic experience. If you are in the mood for raw and emotional beats, sit back and experience Turkum’s Anti-Sober journey.

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