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West Coast Bass Producer Akriza Releases the Golden “Midas Touch”, An Audible Treat For Our Psyche

While we’ve been wandering through soundscape after surreal soundscape, someone has been busy learning how to turn everything into gold. On our latest dive into the bass music world we are checking out “Midas Touch”, the latest single drop from Akriza. Hailing from the mighty West Coast city of Portland, Oregon, Akriza is an aspiring world bass producer who is making his wide range of musical styles known to the masses. While world and bass music serves as the framework for Akriza’s sonic style, Akriza’s journey through the world of electronic music simply can’t be limited.  While he may still just be early on in his career, Akriza has already performed internationally in Mexico and Guatemala, One Love Festival, and as the frontman of Wild Kingdom at sold out Down the Rabbit Hole at Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. Akriza dropped his debut album back in 2020, but caught our attention during the second stage in his elegant journey…Templo Sagrado. We’ve been on this ride ever since, with Akriza being one of our stand out producers on this trip into the bass music world.

While we’ve featured many talented producers and artists on Modern Neon that have crafted experimental and bass-filled journeys for us to lose ourselves in, there are only a handful that managed to craft a similar experience for our souls. While we thought we fell in love with Akriza’s sound and approach to bass music during Templo Sagrado, “Midas Touch” is a next-level experience all by itself. For those of you blissfully unaware, the “Midas Touch” is based on a myth about King Midas…a mad king where whenever he touched anything it would turn to gold. A classic literary double entendre, Akriza utilizes the duality of the myth’s moral to craft a rather unique amalgamation as a result. Combing elements from modern deep bass with the eerie Turkish Ney, “Midas Touch” transforms into a battle between the two styles, each aiming for the spotlight. We need to keep Akriza in our rotation permanently, as he will continue to break through any obstacles he has in his way.

Make sure you check out “Midas Touch” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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