Surreal Songwriter ASHS Drops Chaotic Music Video For New Pop Single “Don’t Call Me”

Part of an artist’s music journey often involves quite a bit of soul searching, and today’s artist is definitely on quite the journey. Today we are checking out ASHS and her latest single/music video “Don’t Call Me”.  Beneath the ASHS veil is the brilliant Alyssa Reid, showcasing her artistic prowess (that has even earned her a Juno award). Officially coming up onto the scene back in 2018, ASHS was created for Reid to take the next step on her own sonic journey. Growing as a singer and artist over the last few years, ASHS has become one of the go-to songwriters for many other Canadian artists. Reid may have been hiding in plain sight for a little while, but now she’s here and you need to pay attention.

While pop music often feels overly-produced and plain, ASHS proves us differently. Her latest track, “Don’t Call Me”, is a fantastic and smart take on the incredibly over-used genre that litters the airwaves. Putting her smoky and almost ethereal vocal performance on display, ASHS takes “Don’t Call Me” in a rather unique direction beyond the pop fray we are familiar with it. While ASHS performance is the standout of the track, the music video is an experience all in itself. Telling the story of a past lover scorned and snapping her last nerve, “Don’t Call Me” takes a major turn in a rather gruesome direction that convinces us to push play once more.

Make sure you check out the official video for “Don’t Call Me” on YouTube below!

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