Cassie Marin Tells Stories From Her Life in New 19-Track Album “Lil 5i5”!

Let’s prepare ourselves for a full dive into the world of avant-garde. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out Lil 5i5, ithe newest album drop from Cassie Marin. Hailing from the ever-bright city in the sun of Miami, Marin actually didn’t have dreams early on of being a musician. Originally focused on being a gymnast, Marin wanted to become an Olympian athlete and stepped onto that career path as soon as she could. However, after having those dreams dashed after a serious injury at age 13, Marin discovered her love for music. Teaching herself how to produce and write songs from the ground up, Marin pivoted her dedication to being an Olympian into creating the exact kind of music that she had rattling around in her head.

First off right out of the gate, we need to mention how impressed we are with the length of this project. We’ve been covering songs that are barely even 2 minutes and 3-5 track EPs for so long that we forgot that there are artists out in the world that do have lengthy albums in the works. Across all 19 tracks in Lil 5i5, we are treated to an intriguing audible experience that truly runs the gamut of Marin’s range. Each track gives the listener a different facet of Marin’s creative style, as if each track is helmed by a different persona of Marin’s as they treat it like their own personal sandbox. Throughout the album, Cassie tells stories that span her lifetime and acceptingly gives a turn to each side of her that wishes to speak to the other. If you want an intriguing album that may even have you questioning stories from your past, dive headfirst into Lil 5i5. 

Make sure you check out Lil 5i5 on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!

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