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London-Based Producer jackLNDN Releases Highly Anticipated Album “Patterns”…and We’re Addicted.

The spark of music curiousity is one that can happen at any moment in someone’s life, but the earlier the better. On our latest dive into the experimental world we are checking out Patterns, the highly-anticipated album drop from jackLNDN. Receiving that spark of musical inspiration early on in his life, Jack Aisher showed his musical talent early when he began learning to play piano at age 7. This caught the attention of one of the largest choirs in the country, who invited Jack to come play for the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family in Windsor Castle. After that experience, his musical interest continued to develop and pull from a wide diverse range of musical influences including James Blake, Earth Wind & Fire, and Frank Sinatra to name a few. Once he pivoted to the electronic realm and jackLNDN was born, he quickly grabbed attention with official remixes for well-known names like Emancipator, Lettuce, and The Polish Ambassador.

“I wanted to accurately reflect my experiences over the last three years, meaning there’s a darker, more urgent energy driving this album. Emotions ranging from all out chaos, to pure joy, self-destruction, love, depression & hope. ‘Patterns’ takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of what has been a crazy time for us all. I’ve evolved as an instrumentalist which has
informed the way I approach writing; recording more live piano, bass, organ, guitar, percussion & vocals on this album than ever before. It’s my homage to house music, returning to the roots of why I love this sound. Plenty of 808s, 909s, pitched chords, snare-rolls & general baseline grooviness. This is without doubt the most dancefloor driven record I’ve ever made.” – jackLNDN

The more we open our eyes and ears to the more experimental side of bass music, the more our playlists grow as we find even more talented producers hiding in the wings. With over 60 million plays across streaming platforms and attention and support from the
tastemaker publications Billboard, Mixmag, CLASH Magazine, Mixmag Spain, Your EDM, Dancing Astronaut, Insomniac, Magnetic Magazine, and This Song Is Sick to name a few, how did we miss out on jackLNDN? An insanely talented producer in his own right, jackLNDN immediately enraptures us within the first three tracks of Patterns, already creating a yearn for us to want to listen to this album on repeat. Striking the right cords of atmospheric bass, lounge music, and vocal house, jackLNDN could easily be our newest additction in the EDM world. Everyone else move out of the way, we need to deep dive into Patterns for the sixth time already.

Make sure you check out Patterns on Spotify below and on your favorite streaming platform!

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