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Anime Club: Agressive Retsuko




NO. OF EPISODES: 32 episodes

GENRE: Office Comedy

YEAR: 2016


f56d7de7aae38d9fcb19f09b5af0b8b41458566222_fullThe show centers on Retsuko, a 25­ year old red panda who works in her dream company’s, accounting department. But it turns out that she is forced to keep doing more and more impossible tasks by her superiors and co­-workers. She doesn’t talk back to them, but she still has to let off steam, so she ends up going to karaoke by herself and singing death metal. Of course it would be death metal because a red fox singing anything else wouldn’t be as adorable.

Are you ready to finish up a whole series in just under 20 minutes? Aggressive Retsuko is equal parts hilarity, ridiculous, and absurd…but also is a great way to spend 20 minutes. There are currently 16 episodes released so far, each one with a run time of just about 1 minute. As far as animation style goes, for the most part it looks and feels very much like a Sanrio product, at least until the death metal kicks in. Sanrio, why can’t you make more products like this? This is what the people want to see!

downloadJust like every anime I post on here, no matter how much praise I can just as easily tear it down. While Retsuko is the red herring of the group (being a red fox after all), most of her anthropomorphize co-workers are rather generic. Hey Sanrio, can we please have some variety please? You are heading in the right direction with a developing friendship between a red fox and a gorilla, but just make it to the end. While there isn’t much in the way of character development or plot, Retsuko is a great time killer.


• Death metal!

• Animation style.

• Retsuko.


• Run time.

• Not unique animals.

• We need more Retsuko!

SCORE: 7.2 / 10

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