Feel Gud Vibrations with Shadient’s New Industrial Single "Abberate"

Often when we take a quick trip over to the weird side of electronic music, we will often find some rather unique gems. This time around we are moving over into the territory of Gud Vibrations for “Abberate”, the first single off the upcoming Divide EP by Shadient. While Shadient was created back in 2015, Shadient as made it a primary goal to continue pushing the boundaries that electronic music has set in place for him to break. Shadient has consistantly looked forward into the future, which has garnered him plenty of support from Porter Robinson. Shadient has released quite a bit of music already, with most being over on Mat Zo’s Mad Zoo label.

Abberate‘ is the first single off my upcoming EP, ‘Divide,’ with Gud Vibrations. My primary focus with this entire release was inspired by the idea of delving into one’s nostalgia and to explore the first pieces of dance music I ever heard. With that in mind, the music on this EP is heavily inspired by the likes of AfxSquarepusher, old braindance stuff, with a lot of big beat like The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers. It felt very natural to be writing music like this as the influence all originate from my country (The UK). I’m incredibly excited to have this EP coming out and glad to have it be on Gud Vibrations!” – Shadient

While this is only the first time hearing of Shadient, we can already tell that they like to take music to the darker recesses of the modern community. “Abberate” is mechanical and grimy in nature, with a heavy focus on the distorted bass that serves as the glue holding the track together. Shadient’s approach to the industrial genre is an enjoyable change of pace, as they make the effort to fuse in their own versions of big beat and minimal electronic sounds.  With “Abberate” being only the first single off of the upcoming EP, we aren’t exactly sure what to expect next from Shadient…but we are waiting and ready.

From the get-go, it was this world of ideas I had rushing into my head of metallic and industrial imagery, dark visual aspects and noise and bass leaning music,” he says. “Some of my more primary influences initially were GesaffelsteinBoys Noize, and Aphex Twin. Very minimalistic and dark European techno artists, but I always felt that palette could be explored more musically.” – Shadient

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Gud Vibrations

Shadient (c) Isha Shah

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