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Duo Marnik Returns to Dim Mak Records with Driving and Futuristic Electro House Single “Artificial Intelligence” with Sirona and Heyder

With “Artificial Intelligence” taking centerstage in the tech and media world lately, it’s not too surprising that it is becoming more of a topic in music too. On our latest visit over to Dim Mak we are checking out “Artificial Intelligence”, the latest drop from Marnik, Sirona, and Heyder. Marnik is a duo that has gained popularity through successful songs and live performances. Sirona is a duo with French and Belgian backgrounds who have collaborated on a debut release with Chuckie and are continuing to build their career. Heyder, from Azerbaijan, has been influenced by legends in the genre and has already performed at major music festivals and created popular remixes for well-known artists. All three are making their mark in the industry with their unique sounds and experiences.

These days, everyone is talking about the new AI technology and the positive and negative effects this could have on human beings, so with this track, we just imagined a dystopian world where eventually A.I. is gonna take over our future.” – Marnik

EDM duo Marnik has released a new dancefloor hit called “Artificial Intelligence” on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label. The track features a collaboration with French/Belgian duo Sirona and Azerbaijani artist Heyder, which makes for a unique and dynamic sound.From the first notes of the song, listeners are transported into a futuristic world, where the beats are hard-hitting and the synths are mechanical. The track’s name is fitting, as the use of digitized sounds and distorted voiceovers create an otherworldly atmosphere that is reminiscent of a video game. Marnik’s signature sound is apparent in “Artificial Intelligence,” with its driving, deep tech house breakdown that is sure to get any dancefloor moving. The addition of Sirona and Heyder’s contributions elevates the song even further, adding new layers of depth and complexity to the track.

Make sure you check out “Artificial Intelligence” on Spotify below!

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