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Jazz Folk Songwriter Ashley Wilson Intoxicates Us With "Once In a While’ Off Her New Album "Paint The Sky"

Sometimes we need to take a complete step away from the electronic genre to recharge our batteries for the next time our minds will be blown. To showcase our love for the manipulation of music genres, we have “Once in a While”, a brand new track from fresh and upcoming songwriter Ashley Wilson. Based out of our local San Francisco, Wilson is a professional jazz/folk songstress who left the world of marketing to pursue her musical ambitions. Reigniting that lost spark, Wilson began singing as apart of a jazz trio in San Francisco leading to taking a place under the wing of celebrated jazz pianist Art Khu. Within a rather short period of time, Wilson was able to craft not one, nor two, yet eighteen original tracks that showcase her beautiful storytelling abilities and her infatuating vocal performances.
Now, why don’t we take a moment to check out the first track on the album? We believe “Once In A While” is a beautiful example of what Wilson has learned so far. The track easily fits into the overall theme of her album, which is all about connections between people in your life, including yourself. “Once In A While” grabs your attention right out of the gate, but Wilson’s intoxicatingly sweet vocal performance that keeps us listening and awaiting even more. She may still be relatively new to the scene, but she performs like a seasoned veteran who is respected by and inspiring everyone. While we are just taking a look at the first track off of the album, make sure you check out the entire album on all streaming platforms or at the link below.

Track Listing:

  1. Once In A While – 2:56
  2. Paint The Sky – 2:59
  3. Fool – 3:53
  4. Sweet Temptation – 3:08
  5. Wish I’d Learned – 4:10
  6. Now or Never – 3:05
  7. I Can’t Love You – 3:01
  8. Holding Out Hope – 3:06
  9. I’m Having Dreams – 3:31
  10. FairyTale – 4:08
  11. If I Knew

Make sure you check out “Once in a While” on Soundcloud below! Also, you can check out the rest of her album here:

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