Experience Alt-Pop Singer Vi’s Rebirth in Reflective Dark Pop Album “Afterlife”

There are projects that just take extra time to come to fruition, even if it takes six years. On our latest visit to the pop world we are checking out Afterlife, the latest album from musician Vi. Originally debuting all the way back in 2017, Vi has been eagerly working to put her sound out under the spotlight for anyone who wants to listen. Vi’s music really took off after she release her single “<3”, which has amassed over a million streams on its own! She even caught the eyes of tastemakers in the indie-pop world, snagging spots on playlists such as New Music Friday Canada & Fresh Finds: POP, It’s A Bop, SALT, and RADAR Canada. Her momentum didn’t stop there however, as Vi even snagged a spot on season 2 of CTV’s “The Launch”, a reality TV music competition for Canadian artists. As Vi goes into her fifth year as a professional musician, her music resonated with listeners and cultivated almost 75 thousand monthly listeners!

Afterlife represents ‘life after death’; It is a metaphor for the ‘rebirth’ of my next chapter. I often sing about heartbreak and hardships, and I want to show others that there is so much more to life once you get through all of the darkness.“ – Vi

When artists finally decide to shed their nice & appropriate traits and embrace their edgier side is a major point in the career of a pop star. While Vi’s edgier approach to music started with her previously released single “Dead to You”, Afterlife is the next apex of Vi’s evolution as an artist. Essentially serving as a giant middle finger to those in her past, this album showcases Vi’s self-reflective look at that point of her life and how her perspective has changed since. While a “rebirth” album is starting to become more common after the last two years, an album like Afterlife is essential for an artist to truly move on with their life and stop giving their trauma room in their head to live rent-free.  If you are a fan of the darker side of alternative pop, then Vi and her Afterlife are waiting to embrace you once you push play.

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