Relative Newcomer Lulleaux Releases Two Sultry Singles "Sober" and "Missing You"

‘Don’t be ready to wind down the weekend just yet, we have a brand new artist primed and ready to showcase his newest tracks! Today we have the relative newcomer Lulleaux with his two new singles “Sober” and “Missing You” over on the boutique label Be Yourself Music. Lulleaux is a newish producer in the United States, hailing from the Netherlands though, he has already developed a massive following. generating almost 2 million listeners every month. Music isn’t the only industry that Lulleaux is successful at, however, as he also has a Master’s degree from a university and has multiple successes as an entrepreneur!
Now for the important thing, the music. These are definitely not an EP together, as both “Sober” and “Missing You” are two separate singles.  To distinguish them even more, both tracks have incredibly different meanings while still under the same umbrella. Both tracks serve as fantastic showcases of Lulleaux exploration of both chill and vocal-heavy tracks, with one telling the story of a lost love, but staying hopeful, and the other showcases the sweet sultry ecstasy of a brand new hook up. Lulleaux, whatever you are doing, keep on it.

This is a track that is a bit different and more experimental than the tracks that I recently dropped. The instrumental stays calm while the vocal makes it catchy as hell” – Lulleaux

Make sure you check out both “Sober” and “Missing You” below!

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