Enigmatic Duo Pushing Daizies Release Haunting New Remix of Tate Mcrae’s “you broke me first”

Once you officially debut on a brand new project, how you follow up is just as important as your debut itself.  While making our rounds to the various labels this week, we were able to stop off over at Dim Mak for a brand new “you broke me first” remix from the new Pushing Daizies project. Originally seeded around two years ago, Pushing Daizies is a brand new project of two prominent US producers who embrace the concept of life and put it into their work. Initially beginning as a series of collaborations between the two artists, a unique link was uncovered and they knew that they couldn’t let his energy go to waste. The duo’s moniker refers to the concept of “pushing daisies” or the flowers that are grown over a burial plot after someone dies. While death may occur and is inevitable, life can be reborn from its ashes.

If we have learned anything about covering music over the last few years, it is that music is all power and can sway your emotions in either direction if it is crafted correctly. Originally recorded by singer Tate Mcrae and released back in April 2020, “you broke me first” serves as a digital playground for the enigmatic duo to explore other facets of their talent. This brand new remix showcases Pushing Daizies’s darker and more minimalist side of their production, quickly creating an uncomfortable and goosebump-inducing sound that contrasts the positivity we received in their debut. This haunting approach enhances the track’s original theme, which details a story of ill-fated love from the female perspective. Now with two remixes and an original track under their belt, Pushing Daizies is well on their way as they climb the next rung on the ladder that is the music industry.

Make sure you check out “you broke me first (Pushing Daizies Remix)” on Soundcloud below!

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