Toronto Producer Pusher Teases the Start of Economy With Witty New Single “I Can’t Believe It”

Once you take the time needed to zoom in on a particular city’s music scene, the bigger regional difference you can see. On our latest dive into indie music from our Northern neighbors we are checking out “I Can’t Believe It” from the talented musician Pusher. Created by Toronto native Martin Bernie, Pusher has quickly made a splash in today’s modern dance scene and only grows more upon each release. Don’t believe us? With over 50 million online streams under his belt, Pusher’s varied tastes attract listeners in droves and helps cultivate his growing community. He isn’t just receiving the love of the masses, as his career has already caught the attention of tastemakers such as Billboard, Paper Mag, Indie88 Stereogum, Complex, and YourEDM. Pusher’s eclectic music lead to multiple tours with The Chainsmokers, Zeds Dead, Phan-toms, and appearances on television shows like Broad City, Siesta Key, and The Ellen Show..

I Can’t Believe It is a very fun song about not being able to afford a house, and feeling behind where I thought I’d be in life. I was mostly thinking of how astounding it is that my parents were able to buy a big house with an acre of land for like $80k in the 90s, while I was sharing a 650sqft concrete condo at the same age. The real enemy is capitalism and my weapon of choice is this funky bop. I was also fortunate to get Danae Greenfield to play an incredible keyboard solo feature on it. There’s also a video where I play two characters – one living in a van, and one dancing around a mansion in a money-print suit.” – Pusher

You know that unique style we mentioned Pusher is pushing? Just pushing play once will introduce you to the chaotic nature of Pusher’s take on dance music. “I Can’t Believe It” is a ridiculous yet enjoyable introduction to the Pusher style, blending trap, pop, 90’s R&B and jazz elements to create the kind of music he wants to make. The sunny synths and addictive basslines create a fun atmosphere that completely resonates with the enjoyable upbeat nature of the track. It is evidently clear that Pusher has all kinds of interests when it comes to the world of music and we definitely have to applaud him for hyper-focusing on this unique sound, especially since it makes his songs so damn enjoyable to cover. IF you’re ready for more Pusher, be sure to check out his upcoming album Stay At Home Popstar, which details his experiences and feelings of isolation over the last year.

Make sure you check out the music video for “I Can’t Believe It” on YouTube below!

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