Futuruistic Polar Bears, Corey James, MØØNE Welcome 2021 With New Track “Aura”

While our troubles from 2020 definitely are not over, you have to take your refreshed 2021 energy and throw yourself into the deep end. On our second visit of the year to Protocol we are checking out “Aura”, the brand new single from Futuristic Polar Bears, Corey James, & MØØNE. At this point in time, the Futuristic Polar Bears couldn’t have picked a better imprint to showcase their talent. Since their Protocol debut back in 2018, Futuristic Polar Bears have been busy in the study crafting their idyllic style of house music. While “Better Than This” is only their second track for Protocol, they have released tracks for major imprints such as Spinnin’, Armada, and Ultra. Since we last checked back in on them last year, Futuristic Polar Bears have performed on 5 of the 7 continents and headlined major festivals such as Tomorrowland and Ministry of Sound.  Here’s to a long and healthy future on the Protocol team!

While the Futuristic Polar Bears have dabbled around with many different points on the electronic music spectrum, 2021 fueled their desire to dive in headfirst. Embracing the core elements of dark house, Futuristic Polar Bears and Corey James join forces to create a moody and emotive production that is fit for MØØNE to join in on the fun. MØØNE adds to the production by using her vocals to create an ethereal and spicy atmosphere, elevated by “Aura”‘s cinematic melodies and deep driving basslines. Through the skills and talents of all of the artists on the track, “Aura” may easily be our first major underground nightclub hit.

Make sure you check out “Aura” on Spotify below and on YouTube!

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