NY Duo YOOKiE Tease Upcoming “WOOKiE EP” With Liquid Grime Bass Single “GRiME SHT”

Alright…alright…we’ve been clean for long enough, things need to get a bit grimy. On our latest visit over to WAKAAN we are checking out “GRiME SHT”, the latest single from YOOKiE. Once we pull back the various layers of bass music and look at the more local communities inside, you truly have the chance to uncover gold. Hailing from New York, YOOKiE has quickly become a rising star and an act to watch in the bass music community. Being the first act to release their EP on Excison’s Subsidia label and other major drops, YOOKiE has been busy throughout the last two years.  With a keen eye for production and the manipulation of sound, YOOKiE has caught the attention/collaborated with many well-known acts including Zed’s Dead, Slander, Sullivan King, NittiGritti, Wooli, Kompany, and Black Tiger Sex Machine! It doesn’t stop there, as YOOKiE is developing a global audience and has performed at major festivals including EDC Las Vegas, Lost Lands, Ever After Music Festival, and Bass Canyon!

On GRiME SHT we went with our signature minimalistic bass driven sound while also introducing a brand new vocal direction. It maintains the luscious subsonic depth we are known for with a new element we hope our fans like. A new Era of YOOKiE is upon us and we’re very grateful to Wakaan for believing in this project.” – YOOKiE

Man, it has been a while since we willingly got all grimy for content. For those of you who have been following from early on in Modern Neon’s lifespan, our first experiences within the basic music world were on the grimy side. Anyway, the latest single to come out of the YOOKiE camp, “GRiME SHT” is an interesting re-introduction into the world of grime. YOOKiE strikes the balance between a hip-hop/trap framework and minimalist bass production, using an almost completely minimal frequency take the place of any major drop. The track actually stands out from the rest of YOOKiE’s works, as while they still have their minimal & grimy bass taking the lead they utilize a different direction in terms of vocals to broaden their horizons. While we could see “GRiME SHT” being a lesson in solid minimal bass, the inclusion of their vocal direction actually works as a contrast to YOOKiE’s signature minimalism. The combination of both aspects makes us want to elevate “GRiME SHT” to the next level. This track is the first single off YOOKiE’s new EP WOOKiE, which you should check out in full when it drops later this spring.

Make sure you check out “GRiME SHT” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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