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NAZAAR Teases New “VISNS” EP With Cinematic Aggressive Bass Single “Shadows”

While we are still pretty early on in 2022, why not take the new year and tease the masses for your next big project? On our latest peak into the electronic world we are checking out “Shadows”, the latest from NAZAAR and Louiejayxx. Splitting his childhood between the United States and Pakistan, Farhan Zahir faced a crossroads…how could he incorporate his rich heritage while still moving forward with the current trend of modern dance music? With a slew of independent releases under his belt, NAZAAR has quickly caught the eyes of prominent tastemakers in the industry, including the likes of Carnage, ExcisionRL GrimeZomboy, and many more! NAZAAR has also made sure his music can reach every corner of the globe, with his work finding homes on Never Say DieSpace YachtBassrush, and Columbia Records. While NAZAAR has made most of his success through his independent releases, he’s definitely incorporating himself deeper into the music industry.

We are constantly out on the lookout for talented new producers cutting their teeth and trying to make this own vision of music into a reality. Those creative dreamers are the ones who are going to surprise you, especially with enough support from their peers and community. NAZAAR is under the microscope today, being a talented Middle-Eastern producer that focuses on bone-chilling synths and hard-hitting bass rather than atmospheric world music that you might expect out of the region. However, NAZAAR doesn’t cast aside the magical stylings of his musical roots, instead using them to enhance his music during the lulls between drops. “Shadows” is a perfect example of this balancing act, utilizing cinematic yet ominous music to build into the in your face drop we’ve come to know from NAZAAR. “Shadows” is only the latest single to come off of NAZAAR’s new VISNS EP, which you will be able to listen to in full when it drops in late February.

Make sure you check out “Shadows” on Spotify below!

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Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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