“Any Day in the Park”, Indonesian Electro Rock Band Stars and Rabbit Makes Us Laugh In New Music Video

Whenever we are offered a chance to check out an artist from the other side of the world, we can’t help but jump to the opportunity. While hard at work this week we had the duo Stars and Rabbit drop by with their latest music video for “Any Day in the Park”. Hailing from the Indonesian island of Java, this duo oozes unpredictable yet addicted chaos. Led by singer-songwriter Elda and musical director Didit, the band has become a mainstay in the modern Indonesian scene, taking their quirky Carpenters/Sia style to the masses. Founded all the way back in 2011, Didit discovered Elda and her love for modern music, combining his veteran Indonesian rock background with her modern influence. Stars and Rabbit jumped into the studio quickly, already having dropped a debut album, a collaboration LP, and two live albums!

“We usually write about meaningful relationships with life and other beings. We’re admittedly a bit obsessed with a utopian type of existence, I guess that’s why I love music…it makes me feel like anything is possible.” –Elda, Stars and Rabbit

We have to say, Stars and Rabbit should have shown up on our radar a long time ago because their quirkiness is exactly what we need in our lives. Today we are looking at their brand new music video for “Any Day in the Park”, one of the singles of their new album Rainbow Aisle. One look at this music video, you can easily tell that this has to be the introduction track for new Stars and Rabbit listeners  “Any Day in the Park” showcases the band’s love for groovy electro-rock, highlighting their fantastic instrumentals while still letting Elda take center stage with her fitting vocal performance and charm. The full Rainbow Aisle album just dropped this week, so check it out on all streaming services.  If you can only have one act from the Indonesian scene to keep your eye on, make it Stars and Rabbit.

Make sure you check out the “Any Day in the Park” music video on YouTube below, or on Spotify and Soundcloud!

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