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Alle Farben Thrives in the Dance-Pop World With Third Studio Album “Sticker On My Suitcase”

After so much variety throughout this week, we need our shot of upbeat music to keep us motivated.  We are making one final stop at Ultra Records for Alle Farben’s highly-anticipated album Sticker On My Suitcase. If you haven’t heard of Alle Farben, you need to recheck your status. Having performed at some of the largest EDM stages in the world such as Tomorrowland and Lollapalooza, this Berlin-based DJ has sold over 2 million downloads of his music in the last year alone! Due to his electric drive, Farben has been nominated multiple times and won once for Germany’s 1LIVE KRONE and ECHO awards. This doesn’t even count all of his gold, platinum, and diamond records…we could definitely argue Farben has been busy.

The highly-anticipated third studio album from the Farben repertoire, Sticker On My Suitcase highlights the more dull aspects of the touring artist life…traveling. Farben brings his distinct dance-pop style to the subject, telling the struggles in an addictive and attractive approach. Farben takes the saying, “the adventure is in the journey, not just the destination” quite literally, but keeps the adventure fresh with plenty of groove and melody. Farben’s dance-pop style is perfect for telling the story he is portraying, with plenty of room for his organic instrumentals and upbeat raw tracks to thrive. Farben, your album is amazing and we are already hungry for more.

Sticker On My Suitcase” tracklist

01. Alle Farben – Arrival
02. Alle Farben – Only Thing We Know
03. Alle Farben – Fading
04. Alle Farben – Comfort Zone
05. Alle Farben – Different For Us
06. Alle Farben – Sticker On My Suitcase
07. Alle Farben – Little Hollywood
08. Alle Farben – Without You
09. Alle Farben – The Sad Cat
10. Alle Farben & Sam Gray – Never Too Late
11. Alle Farben – What Was I Drinking
12. Alle Farben – Double in Love
13. Alle Farben & Rhodes – Holy
14. Alle Farben & James Blunt – Walk Away
15. Alle Farben – Remember
16. Alle Farben – Sramanora
17. Alle Farben – We Were On Fire
18. Alle Farben – Departure

Check out the Sticker on My Suitcase album on Spotify!

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