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PLS&TY’s "Rebel Love" Receives the Rusko Treatment and Now Filled With Plenty of Grime

We have to admire an artist who is taking the whole process in their own hands. Closing out this weekend we have a new remix of PLS&TY’s “Rebel Love” by a friend of MiR Rusko. PLS&TY is constantly striving for success in the modern bass music scene, developing his new languid bass style to completely flip the modern industry on its head. PLS&TY has had plenty of success after signing with Universal Music Group, PLS&TY’s “Good Vibes” rocketed PLS&TY to the top of the charts, reaching #1 in multiple countries. He has even taken the world of television into his hands, with multiple remixes appearing on multiple series.

Rusko was one of the artists that sparked my obsession with electronic music many years ago. He was also one of the first electronic artists I saw perform live. Rusko remixing my work is undoubtedly an honor.” – PLS&TY

When looking at the check itself, Rusko takes the original track and completely transitions it to the Rusko catalog. While the original was released back in December and reached #1 on the US Electronic charts, We have no doubt in our mind the Rusko’s remix will reach the same height. The dubstep don throws the track into high gear with a sharp increase in heavy bass and the addition of grimy and filthy synth work that completely changes the track. However, Rusko does take the time to subtly add plenty of drum and bass influence to keep the track dancefloor friendly.
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