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Swanky Tunes Joins the Protocol Family with the Infectious "Virus"

Just as they are welcomed to the Protocol family, we welcome them to ours. During our weekly Protocol visit, we are treated to “Virus” a brand new track from the ever talented Swanky Tunes. This powerful trio has been making plenty of waves for almost a decade now, even reaching #26 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs back in 2016. Swanky Tunes has been rocking the industry with multiple hits such as “Til the End” and “Far From Home”, which has garnered 24 million hits on Spotify just between the two tracks.  However, they don’t just put out hit after hit, they even make tracks for films! Another one of their hits, “Here We Go”, was even on the official soundtrack for Fast and the Furious 6. Swanky Tunes sure know how to make fantastic tracks for the masses.
Moving onto their new track “Virus”, we have no doubt in our minds that this track is going to infect dancefloors and will remain for a long time before it’s finally extinguished. Despite its name, “Virus” is a fascinatingly uplifting song, giving only hopeful messages about being one of the originals. That isn’t the track’s only skill though, as the track has a fantastic four on the floor bass line that will immediately push you onto the dance floor. An addictive bass line, a catchy melody, and a positive message? Count us in!
Make sure you check out “Virus” on Spotify!

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