Callie Reiff & Lenii Spit Hard Truths in Gen-Z Anthem “The Kids Are all Rebels 2.0”

If we have learned anything over the last year, it is that the world is incredibly flawed and younger voices are joining in on the fight to fix it. As we dive deep into the Tik Tok world we have “The Kids Are All Rebels 2.0” a brand new remix from Callie Reiff and Lenii. After watching the complete dumpster fire that was the 2020 United States Presidential Debate, artist Lenii jumped over to Tik Tok and dropped a brand new rap verse while calling out the broken systems that serve as America’s foundation. Touching on all kinds of difficult subjects such as COVID-19, sexism, climate change, and police brutalilty, the track’s message resonated with producer Callie Reiff. Encouraged by millions of users on the platform, Callie and Lenii joined forces to revamp this new “Gen-Z Anthem”.

Considering the theme of the song, teaming up with Callie (who’s a badass, female, Gen Z New Yorker) just felt so fitting. It turns out we went to the same DJ & production school, and were both the youngest students to attend our respective classes so connecting 8 years later, with that kind of shared history in a male dominated industry, really amplifies the power in the song to me.” – Lenii

Officially premiering on Sofi Tukker’s weekly Twitch show during Callie’s December residency, “The Kids Are All Rebels 2.0” popped off and has quickly snagged the attention of playmakers. When you essentially have a musical prodigy behind the production, you know that the chances of striking gold are incredibly high. Callie Reiff is a force in the electronic world, gaining recognition from audiences and critics alike; even being recognized as the youngest DJ to perform at NYC’s Webster Hall back when she was 15. Through her blend of electronic and indie pop, Callie Reiff is one of the top female artists changing the game as we know it right now.

Make sure you check out The Kids Are All Rebels 2.0 on Spotify below and on Apple Music!

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Callie Reiff

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Photographer: Bellamy Brewster
Stylist: Annebet Duvall
Hair/MUA: Clelia Bergonzoli

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