Blood Lemon Gets Animated In “One More Time” Sci-Fi Video Debuted, New Debut LP OUT NOW!

Our favorite rocking grrrl group is back at it again, this time with a sci-fi twist. On today’s dive we are heading back into the indie world and checking out “One More Time”, the newest single from the band Blood Lemon. Formed back in 2018, this talented grrrl band consists of three very talented musicians: Lisa Simpson (Finn Riggins, Treefort Music Fest), singer/bassist Melanie Radford (Built to Spill, Marshall Poole) and percussionist Lindsey Lloyd (Tambalka). Three classically changed musicians in each of their own right, the three joined forces to form Blood Lemon after connecting on a musical wavelength and through the Mostly Muff cover band. With a love of 90s grrl music and not afraid to get political, the members of Blood Lemon quickly discovered their sound and drive to make music with their fellow women,

is about realizing that you’re becoming a product of your own destruction. You’re doing it to yourself but can’t find the means to get out of that cycle so you keep going in vicious circles. All three of us ladies LOVE sci-fi (especially Star Trek) so we were excited to create a unique sci-fi story that captured the chaotic vibe of the song,” – Melanie Radford (Vocalist)

Now this is the way you drop the final preview of your next LP. The final single from Blood Lemon’s self-titled LP, “One More Time” is another ode to classic 90’s alternative rock that many of us grew up with. The track has an interestingly chaotic premise, exploring the feeling that you are on the path to your demise and while you are the one who caused it in the first place. The track’s music video embodies this feeling with a science fiction aesthetic and was animated by James WAR Lloyd (Treefort Music Fest, etc), who adds: “I realized that the changes in the song lined up almost perfectly with the three-act structure writers use to tell satisfying stories. I love science fiction, so this is a love letter to the genre.”. With another solid entry into the Blood Lemon catalog, the debut self-titled LP is ready for the masses. Make sure you check out the Blood Lemon LP in full for over 40 minutes of modern rock inspired by 90s alt-rock classics.

Make sure you check out the music video for “One More Time” on YouTube below or stream the track on your favorite platform!

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Photo Credit: Lila Streicher
Blood Lemon Album Artwork

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