Ryan Wright Drops New Bubble Grunge Anthem “Quarter Life Crisis” + Music Video

With the resurgence of so many different genres over the last few years, we’re excited to see how genres which we lived through transform and take a fresh new shape. On our latest peek into the grunge scene we are checking out “Quarter Life Crisis”, the lates drop from Ryan Wright. Virginia-based singer/songwriter/producer Ryan Wright defies conventional expectations with her unique musical style, characterized by an ethereal voice delivering angsty, often profane, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics over confectionary synth-driven hooks. Her songwriting reveals a sharp wit and emotional depth, capturing the essence of teenage heartache in a way that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.

Wright’s latest single, “Quarter Life Crisis,” marks a bold new direction, blending clean indie guitars and crunchy production with a Roy Orbison-esque melody into a bubble grunge sound. Influenced by female artists like Mitski, Momma, Veruca Salt, and Blondshell, she creates a crossover between 90s grunge and bubblegum pop, resulting in a fresh, genre-defying style. Her innovative approach continues to push musical boundaries, making her songs both intellectually stimulating and emotionally compelling.

“Quarter Life Crisis is the very essence of what it feels like to be in your early 20s to mid thirties. Although the age gap is vast, the feelings are mutual because in reality it’s not easy to become an independent adult. The song nurtures the very real feelings of the fear of becoming an adult and falling further and further away from youth. The song has a bit of longing that still clings to the urge to act young and dumb like you did as a teenager, but you’re stuck in your twenties feeling like your life is maturing way faster than you are. Quarter Life Crisis is the anthem for the trials and tribulations of aging.” – Ryan Wright

Ryan Wright’s “Quarter Life Crisis” captures the essence of navigating early adulthood, reflecting the mutual feelings of fear and longing that come with the transition from youth to independence. Wright describes the song as nurturing the very real fear of becoming an adult while still clinging to the urge to act young and carefree. The song serves as an anthem for the trials and tribulations of aging, resonating with those who feel their lives maturing faster than they are ready for.

This track is part of her upcoming EP, set to release this summer, which explores themes of pessimism and conflicted emotions. Wright explains that the lyrics throughout the EP deal with the desire for good things while simultaneously expecting the worst, seeking security in relationships and self, yet craving drama and downfalls. Her introspective and innovative approach promises to deeply connect with listeners facing the complex and often tumultuous journey of growing up.

Make sure you check out “Quarter Life Crisis” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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