Canadian Artist A Is For Arrows Release Debut “Roses” EP, Raw Yet Polished

While the Toronto indie scene is starting to become over-saturated, plenty of talented artists are still breaking through the ceiling. While exploring our feelers in that scene, we came across Roses,  a major drop from the talented A Is For Arrows. Officially making her debut only a year ago, the widely impressive A Is For Arrows. is officially dropping her first full major drop. Her initial single “Talking In My Sleep” gained plenty of acclaim around the country for snagging a coveted spot on the Top 40. For such a young artist, A Is For Arrows is quickly growing a flourishing and welcoming community that helps push A Is For Arrows to the top of the local scene. She has already snagged the attention of other notable members of the industry including SiriusXM, Wonderland Magazine, Popdust, Atwood Magazine, and Buzz Music LA.

“This EP is my first body of work. For that reason, I think it’ll always hold a special place in my heart and in my musical career. I’ve always wanted to release my music in a way that I consumed it, the artists and bands that I love are the ones that don’t necessarily follow trends or do what the industry thinks is standard. They make music because they have to, and they create because it’s their passion and I can always tell when artists release a body of work, if it was true to them. In a lot of ways, releasing this EP will be closing a chapter. Since most of the songs were written years ago, I think it’s a reflection of where I was musically and even in my life. I’m so excited for people to hear it as one collective body of work, to be able to hear the songs in order of how I heard them in my head and hoping that whoever listens, can create their own world within it.” – Alessia Balasbas

It is always a thrill for us to help support an artist’s full debut release, so we are glad to put Roses under our microscope. Including her previous single “Talking In My Sleep”, Roses features 7 new tracks that are primed and ready to serve as an introduction to A Is For Arrows. Produced in collaboration with  Joel Stouffer (bülow, Dragonette, Carys, Ria Mae), Roses allows A Is For Arrows to use her powerful voice to cut through all of the noise and put her true talents on display for whoever wants to listen. Alessia’s raw yet polished vocals paired with a light electropop sound create a solid experience of truth and self-exploration.  Even while Roses is still making its own waves, A Is For Arrows has no intention of slowing down and we can’t wait to see what she releases in 2021!

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