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A New Grimy House Producer Has Appeared! BLVD. Drops Debut Grime Track “Crowd Control”

If there is anything we can say about this ever-growing community, it is that there is always plenty of room for newcomers. Today we roll out the red carpet for the grimy house producer BLVD, officially making his debut with today’s release “Crowd Control”. Determined to show listeners a grittier side of house music, BLVD is stepping onto the stage to make a major splash on the industry. While BLVD is relatively unknown by the general populace, he has already received support from Diplo & Friends, RL Grime, and Ekali just to name a few. If you ask us, we’d say that those are quality people to have in your corner as you make your way up the electronic ladder.

New blood is essential to any growing industry, otherwise, the industry will easily stagnate and fizzle out. We have to say that BLVD’s debut track, “Crowd Control”, gives us quite a clear picture of what exactly BLVD wants to do to the house genre. The track is essentially guaranteed to be a dancefloor smash, due to the melting pot of dark elements, a large melody, and a driving bassline that consumes your ears and body for the next few minutes. While this may be BLVD’s debut, we can’t wait to see how he bursts onto the scene. We need to throw as much support behind this guy as we can, as we have no doubt that BLVD. is here to mess up the status quo and make the industry even more interesting.

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