Krief Beckons You For an Audible Journey of the Mind in Album “Chemical Trance”

As we continue to explore subgenres that don’t obviously get enough attention, the more we want to put our own skills to the test and get lost until we find our own way through the process. This mid-week adventure we are checking out “I love you just the same” and its album Chemical Trance from the skilled producer Krief. Krief is a rather unique producer in his own right, exploring higher ideas through ambient, surreal, and almost shamanistic styles that can’t be categorized as anything by Krief. If you listen closely, you should be able to uncover a few of Krief’s influences such as Pink Floyd, late-era Beatles, Leonard Cohen and Radiohead.

“I pictured it like an Ayahuasca trip, like you’ve taken the drug and you’re confronting your whole past — all the darkest stuff. But you’re not reliving it in a normal way, it’s hyped-up: emotions as demons, that sort of thing.” – Krief

Unlike many artists now who make solo singles or treat albums as simply collections of their hits, Krief’s Chemical Trance was intentionally crafted to be listened to in one continuous session. A single audible soundscape experience if you ask us. Krief takes you to both extremes throughout the album, tackling his own personal anxieties in the opener “I Am the Pillar of Darkness In Your Life”. Along the way you experience the standout track “I Love You Just the Same”, which encaptures the listeners to experience what it feels like to be completely free. By the album’s final track “Gyp Million Star”, Chemical Trance could easily open up your outlook on the world, for better or for worse (that is up to you). Krief invites you to experience this freeing journey with him as your sherpa, and we seriously suggest you take up his offer.

“[Unlike my previous work] I wanted to write an album that was built out of a vibe. One continuous listen. To do that, I brought myself back to the point of being lost in the music; just having fun, making art because it pleases me. The songs made me feel young.” – Krief

Make sure you check out the music video for  “I Love You Just the Same” on YouTube below or the full album on Soundcloud!

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