Canadian Rapper Emmett Lucius Pharaoh Drops Brand New Earthy Rap Single “Sleepless Nights”

While many artists start developing their styles early on in their careers, they are just merely touching the foundation of what they are capable of. On the latest Modern Neon dive into the indie world we have “Sleepless Nights”, the newest single from Emmett Lucius Pharaoh. Discovering his passion for music early on in his life, it wasn’t until his teenage years that rebellion and angst-fueled his creative venture. Moving out onto the streets at 17, a homeless yet hopeful Emmett found solace in his lifelong obsession with music and the arts. At this point in his life, he was prepared to dedicate his life to the craft of music production. With over 10000 hours in the studio, Emmett has made it evidently clear that he will spend however much time it takes to craft a unique sound to match his passion.

While Emmett may still be very early on in his career, he is already making waves and crafting his own road to follow to stardom. A songwriter, producer, rapper, and singer by trade, he gained the attention of the indie community with his two previous breakout singles “Heaven Falls” and “Thousand Times”. Emmett’s latest drop, “Sleepless Nights”, has a unique allure that exists between the notes and the lyrics. The single easily serves as an introduction to the producer’s style, carefully crafted by Emmett himself through each step of the production With this meticulous attention to detail, Emmett . is able to produce that exact audible experience that he envisions at the beginning of the process. We may still just be seeing Emmett’s career as his foundation is being created, but we can’t wait until he blossoms into a unique force in the Canadian rap scene.

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Emmett Lucius Pharaoh

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