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The Big Lebowski: The Rug is the Real Victim

Hello everybody! Today I decided to review one of my favorite cult films, The Big Lebowski.


DIRECTOR: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

STARRING:  Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro

GENRE: Comedy

YEAR: 1998

COUNTRY: United States

The Big Lebowski is my favorite Jeff Bridges/Coen Brothers/ John Goodman film by far (Burn After Reading is a close second for my favorite Coen film). The plot for The Big Lebowski goes something like this:


  1. The Dude Lebowski (Bridges) is assaulted by thugs looking for money. He was confused with another Lebowski who is a millionare. Thug pisses on Dude’s rug.
  2. Dude is brought in as a courier to deliver money to thugs as a ransom for Lebowski’s wife. His friend and driver (Goodman) pulls one over on them and doesn’t deliver money.
  3. Lots of hijinks ensue, plenty of double crossing.
  4. Dude and Goodman figure out whole plan was to embezzle money from charity and kill of Lebowski’s wife.
  5. Confront Lebowski, doesn’t care and nothing is solved.
  6. Dude, Goodman, and Buscemi confront thugs (German electro pop band Autobahn). Buscemi dies of heart attack.
  7. Goodman dumps Buscemi’s ashes for Folgers can in Pacific Ocean.

Sorry for ruining the film for you if you haven’t seen it. Oh well.

There is very little wrong with The Big Lebowski, at least for me that is. Two years ago I took a class on the Coens and David Lynch and I swear it took us two weeks just to cover this film. This is that one film that is completely ridiculous and amazing, yet you get that feeling that is still hilarious that it was made. I mean, John Goodman being a converted Jewish practicer and an avid bowler? I mean, he pulls a gun on another bowler just for committing a foul. John fucking Goodman…

There are still a few things that really gripe me about The Big Lebowski. Steve Buscemi is an absolute annoyance. While I get the reason why they made if annoying, they wanted to restrict his dialogue as much as possible since he had the most lines of dialogue in Fargo. The other thing I don’t like about The Big Lebowski is that it just gets too ridiculous and stupid at the epilogue. They fight a German techno group Autobahn? This movie is ridiculous.


  • John Fucking Goodman
  • Misunderstandings.
  • Bowling Tournament.


  • Steve Buscemi.
  • Autobahn.

SCORE: 9 / 10


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