With Not a Break, Peking Duk Brings Us the “Stranger Remixes Part 2”


It is about time we made our way back to Australia to see what that crazy duo Peking Duk is up to. After releasing their hit “Stranger” Ft. Elliphant late last year, Peking Duk is now following up with some remixes from their favorite contributors! This is definitely not a surprise however, since “Stranger” reached over 10 million streams on Spotify alone. There is no limit to what Peking Duk can accomplish, especially since they have been tearing up the electronic scene in Australia since 2014. Today we are only checking out the Stranger Remixes Part 1, as Part 2 isn’t out just yet. It is anybody’s guess on what these re-mixers will bring to the table, as “Stranger” has a distinctive sound already and it is hard not to be drawn to it.

Now why don’t I stop giving background and talk about the actual remixes? Well, the Stranger Remixes Part 2 puts four more artists up on display for us. The most simplest way to describe them? They are all bass heads. Wax Motif, Faux Tales, and Jackal take very similar approaches to remixing this track, while making each one stand out against the fray with their signature styles. Benson stands out from the crowd just a tad more though, especially since it has a dirty nu-disco vibe that the others don’t.

Be sure to listen to Stranger Remixes Part 2 on Spotify below! (That’s right, we are moving on up!) If you want to, here you can check out our thoughts on the Stranger Remixes Part 1.


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