LA Indie Rock Artist Alt Bloom Injects Necessary Positivity Into The Indie World With Single “Fly Away”

After how the general climate has been the last few years, you may have magic in your fingertips if you can still invoke this much positivity. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “Fly Away”, the latest single from LA alt-rock act Alt Bloom. When you are already making music from a young age, you know that your bright soul has a creative gift. Discovering his love for music at the tender age of seven, multi-instrumentalist Ethan Tompson opened his mind and became a musical sponge, allowing all kinds of music groups to influence his signature style. Collaborating with his close friend Brian Phillips (a producer/engineer known for his work with COIN, Walk the Moon, and Saint Motel), Alt Bloom finally embraced his skill and grew plenty of confidence in his singer/songwriter style. Alt Bloom first popped on our radar back in October 2020 with his previous single “Getting to Getting” and you can already tell how much of an artist he’s grown since that drop.

“‘Fly Away’ is one of those songs that was written line by line. Each line was a reflection on something in my life. It sings down like a fable to me now, and I derive different truths from it whenever I perform it.” = Alt Bloom

There are plenty of artists that we enjoying covering week by week, but then there is a level above that where an artist has a characteristic that resonates with us. The more we cover Alt Bloom and peel back his layers as a musician, we are amazed to see that the amount of positivity in his music is not a by-product. “Fly Away” is a beautiful indie-rock number that oozes positivity out of each instrument, lyric, and note. The track has an incredibly giddy and upbeat nature, almost to the point of being playful with the listener. Once you dabble in the positive vibes “Fly Away” has to offer, you will even catch that Alt Bloom includes a nod to the lost boys hanging out in Neverland. With an absolute killer 2020

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Photo Credit: Alex Strohl

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