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Lil Fish Returns to Gravitas With “Final Frontier”, Releasing an Ethereal Out to the Masses

We’ve been away from our mesmerizing soundscapes for way too long. On our latest visit over to Gravitas, we are checking out “Final Frontier”, the latest from Lil Fish. Inspired by the likes of Amon Tobin, Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus, and Bonobo, Lil Fish has found his niche within the bass music world where he can hone his skills and become bass maestro. Combining elements of traditional Indian instrumentals with urban beats, Lil Fish has uncovered a hybrid fusion sound that slots perfectly into his style. This unique blend has caught the eyes of more seasoned producers in the bass scene, including the likes of CloZee and curation by David Starfire. One of Lil Fish’s previous releases, “Mantra”, is even trending online on YouTube and Instagram Reels’ travel sector!

Following a string of successful musical collaborations and endeavors, Lil Fish’s new track takes a step back to his musical roots, delivering a mystic and mysterious narrative through a downtempo groove that exudes a positive and uplifting energy. “Final Frontier,” the latest offering, mesmerizes listeners with distant vocal chants and beautiful synths, building into an epic journey that immerses them in a deep trance before gracefully slowing down to showcase his intricately crafted soundscape. With a growing fan base and impressive track records, including collaborations with artists like CloZee and Savej, Lil Fish’s music continues to leave an indelible mark on the electronic music scene, promising to become a cherished addition to his discography.

Notably, Lil Fish’s previous collaboration with CloZee, “The Lost Voices,” has garnered over 800,000 Spotify streams, and he boasts 35,000 monthly listeners and 1.3 million plays in the last year. His track “Mantra” has become a global sensation, trending on various social media platforms and accumulating over 650,000 Spotify streams, thanks in part to its use in travel videos exploring breathtaking locations like Sri Lanka and India. With a track record of success and a new standout single, Lil Fish continues to establish himself as a leading figure in the electronic music world, captivating audiences and fellow artists alike.

Make sure you check out “Final Frontier” on Spotify below!

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