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Deep West Teams Up with Moloko For A Tech-House Banger With A Sample Of Moloko’s Classic Hit “The Time Is Now,” Fueled by A Vinyl Glitch.

Samples…samples…and more SAMPLES. On our latest visit over to Musical Freedom we are checking out “On My Mind”, the latest from Deep West and Moloko. Deep West, the international DJ and music producer, is making a significant impact on the tech house scene with his unique fusion of tech house and Miami rhythms. After achieving early success as both a solo artist and a ghost producer for top-ten hits, he took a break from music production to recharge. Now, he’s back with a fresh identity as Deep West, releasing tracks through prestigious labels like Musical Freedom and Spinnin’ Records. His exciting collaborations with dance music heavyweights like Moloko and Dubdogz are reshaping the electronic music landscape, and his work has already garnered attention from industry titans like Tiesto and Alok. Deep West’s dedication and exceptional talent are transforming the electronic music experience for fans worldwide, promising a bright future for this rising star in the industry.

At the house of a friend, an avid vinyl collector, I stumbled upon Moloko‘s classic hit – ‘The Time is Now.’ I started playing the track from the original vinyl, but the needle glitched right at the end of the line, ‘You’re the first thing and the last thing on my mind.’ This unexpected glitch was a creative revelation. Back in the studio, I produced ‘On My Mind,’ sampling this timeless club classic from Moloko.” – Deep West

DJ and producer Deep West has teamed up with the iconic British duo Moloko for their captivating collaboration, “On My Mind,” released on Tiësto’s prestigious Musical Freedom label. The track, which features a sample from Moloko’s hit “The Time Is Now,” was born out of an unexpected glitch Deep West encountered while digging through vinyl records, serving as a catalyst for inspiration. “On My Mind” artfully blends Moloko’s original vocals with Deep West’s contemporary touch, offering a groovy bassline and dance-worthy melodies that seamlessly fuse vintage vinyl vibes with modern beats. This release is a significant milestone for Deep West as it marks his first under this fresh moniker, following his past success as a ghost producer for top 10 hits. With Musical Freedom’s support and the allure of this collaboration, Deep West’s music journey promises to bring excitement and innovation to the electronic music scene.

Make sure you check out “On My Mind” on Spotify below!

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