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Multi-Instrumental Alt Bloom Drops New Alt-RnB & Indie Fusion “Getting to Getting”

The career of an artist who is constantly traveling on their own soul-searching journey is one that you simply have to tune in while the light burns bright. While digging around in our inbox looking for sweet indie music we discovered “Getting to Getting”, the newest drop from Alt Bloom. When you are already making music from a young age, you know that your bright soul has a creative gift. Discovering his love for music at the tender age of seven, multi-instrumentalist Ethan Tompson opened his mind and became a musical sponge, allowing all kinds of music groups to influence his signature style. Collaborating with his close friend Brian Phillips (a producer/engineer known for his work with COIN, Walk the Moon, and Saint Motel), Alt Bloom finally embraced his skill and grew plenty of confidence in his singer/songwriter style.

“I always try to clear my mind before I write a song and when I do usually some moment or moments in my life come out, Getting To Getting is about the excitement you get when you go out to meet a person you’re digging on and you see that they’re digging back. In that moment the night turns into an over the top heart beat ride and this song is in the middle of that journey.” – Alt Bloom

When you think singer/songwriter pop, our minds immediately go to a talented musician who is telling his story with just an acoustic guitar in hand. Bracing ourselves as we pushed play on “Getting to Getting”, we were beyond pleasantly surprised. Taking a more modern RnB approach to the singer/songwriter pop formula, Alt Bloom uses “Getting to Getting” to put his entire skillset out on display. “Getting to Getting” feels warm and hopeful, exactly what we need in a year like 2020. Toeing the non-existent line between genres, Alt Bloom easily proves that with a skillset like his in tow, you don’t have to stay in one lane.

Now moving away from the glorious mountains of Montana to the brick jungle of LA, Thompson winds down by hiking through the local mountain ranges. While they can be challenging, they don’t even hold a candle to the trails back home.

“For about a third of the hike you’re mostly guessing your way up the mountain,You’re just scrambling and scrambling, and at some point it seems impossible that you’ll ever get to the top. And then once you finally make it there’s such a feeling of serenity, and it gives you a bird’s-eye view of all these things that usually weigh so heavily on your mind. Everything else falls away, and all that matters is that feeling of connection with this beautiful unknown that’s so much bigger than you.”

Make sure you check out “Getting to Getting” on Spotify below!

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