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Kaskade Reveals Seven Stop Califonia Road Trip Tour, Tickets on Sale Now!

While artists may have slowed down and spent more time in the studio, there are always those that take the quarantine concept and completely run with it. Today we are thrilled to help announce Kaskade’s brand new Road Trip Tour!. One of our original entries into the electronic music world, Kaskade has been a household name for just a meager two decades.  Kaskade’s storied career has gained him plenty of accolades such as seven grammy nominations, 11 studio albums, first DJ to earn a Vegas residency and the first to headline Coachella. Yeah, Kaskade has made quite a significant mark on the electronic community. Definitely not slowing down in 2020, Kaskade continues to bring new listeners into the electric web.


I’m not unique in feeling restless and the need to get out has become more than an itch, it’s full-on. So knowing that I have a lot of West Coast massive fans feeling the same way, I’ve decided to move the party from our living rooms to the drive-in. It’s safe, and it’ll give us all a way to get up and get down from the safety of our cars. Things aren’t “normal” yet and this is a new experience, but I’m not mad at that. I’m looking forward to playing music and seeing those faces, whether there is a windshield between us or not. It’s still a connection and that’s what I’m here for.” – Kaskade

This Road Trip Tour is the latest addition to Kaskade’s quarantine concept, including”Arkade Destinations: Living Room” and the first-ever DJ performance at the Grand Canyon. Four cities, seven nights, and seven drive-in performances from Kaskade himself. Make sure you catch Kaskade in his latest “quarantine” inspired project before tickets run out! You can catch Kaskade’s Road Trip tour at four different locations over seven different days. You can catch the dates below and we hope to see you there!


Anaheim, CA: Oct 30, Oct 31
Pleasanton, CA: Nov 12, Nov 13, Nov 14
Ventura, CA: Nov 20
Del Mar, CA: Nov 21

Keep and eye out for tickets here, as they are already running low! kaskademusic.com

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