Triple Threat Sam Blacky Drops Deep House Barn Burner “Paradise”, 3rd Drop on Stabby Records!

Make sure you move out of the way when a triple treat walks in. On our latest visit over to Stabby Records we are checking out “Paradise”, the latest single from Sam Blacky. Producer, model, and influencer, Samantha Black is already a triple threat but primed and ready to take on more. Better known as Sam Blacky, Sam originally hailed from San Diego, Ca but didn’t find her love for music production until moving to Australia for a number of years. Once moving back to Los Angeles, music production and performing live immediately took center stage in her life. Including her modeling schedule, Sam performed all around the world from 2017-2021, with no travel destination escaping her grasp. During the pandemic in 2020, Sam Blacky even created a YouTube series called “A New World” where she live-streamed her favorite sets from locations all around the world!

Paradise‘ is a more melodic track that I feel people can enjoy in different environments; listen to it while driving, use as a morning soundtrack after waking up, or dance to it in a club. I wanted to make it more universal than just a club banger. Once again, I pulled inspiration from all the beautiful places I have been to, and ‘Paradise‘ feels like summer in Ibiza or Mykonos. It’s the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, floating through the ocean with the wind on your face and a big carefree smile coming from within. Featured on ‘Paradise‘ is singer/songwriter Madeline Austin. When I look for a female vocalist, I post on social media about it because I want to find someone fresh, new, unknown to give them a shot and keep the female movement going. Madi sent me a message and some demos, and the rest is history. She started as a fan, and I soon realized that she is a very talented singer and songwriter. Her vocals and lyrics about paradise, heaven, and a little flirty danger were just perfect for this release.” – Sam Blacky

The more we explore the catalog of Sam Blacky, the more we want to just keep pushing play until we are numb. “Paradise” is the latest single to find its slot in the Blacky backlog, a house music banger that invokes images of tropical island destinations. The single is actually the third release from Blacky’s own Stabby Records, which launched back in February earlier this year. “Paradise” features the vocal stylings of Florida-based singer Madeline Austin, who found her place in the project after connecting with Blacky over social media. While Madeline’s vocal hook creates the track’s more sultry undertones, Blacky sets the stage with her deep yet groovy basslines compounding with a gentle melody that pushes the undertones forward. As the world starts to reopen and return to a sense of pre-2020 normalcy, we need more tracks like “Paradise” that can light up any form of dance Stabby Recorfloor, wherever you may be.

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