Purple Fly Expands! New Rising Star Label Fly Over Records Launches With REGGIO’s Hard “Fantasy”

After ages of growth in both the electronic music and NFT worlds, Purple Fly is ready to expand their reach. On our latest visit over to Purple Fly we are stopping off at Fly Over Records for “Fantasy”, the latest drops from REGGIO. For those of you who haven’t heard of Purple Fly, it is a brand new music label making a major splash in the current market. A completely independent imprint, Purple Fly embraces the current hype around NFTs in the cryptocurrency world with one goal in mind…support their artists. On a larger scale, Purple Fly aims to support collaborations of all forms of art, connecting music and stunning visuals for a truly immersive experience. The label will be dropping NFTs with each music drop, allowing direct support from fans for their favorite artists. There are many artists joining in the movement, including REGGIO, MSPUIYI, Goldfish,  DJ SODA, Hard Lights, Flaremode, IZKO, Danny Ores, Drezio, Laidback LukeBLVD.Fatman ScoopShaquille O’NealSevenn, and more as part of the Purple Fly roster.Now that Purple Fly has such a large roster of talent in their corner, it is time for the label to grow and expand. Let’s give a warm welcome to Fly Over Records. 

As Purple Fly continues to expand and ensnare, they wanted to provide a team and a space specifically to focus on their rising stars. So why not kick off a new year with a brand new label, i.e. Fly Over Records, to satisfy that goal? Being the first release on Fly Over Records, REGGIO’s “Fantasy” has quite the job at hand to set the stage for the rest of their cohorts down the line. This “fantasy” is definitely a darker one, filled to the brim with bass, eerie tones, and stabbing synths ensnare the listener and will easily drive bass heads around the world wild. REGGIO’s style toes the line between dark progressive and heavy bass, creating a superb clash of genres that we hope to see more over in future Fly Over Records releases.

Make sure you check out “Fantasy” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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