Entrepreneur MeSo Launches New Label Sandbox JIYU, 1st Major Limitless Release “Liberate Vol. 1”

When you are so well-known that every move you make as an entrepreneur is reported and well-documented, you can’t open a new venture without the world taking notice. On our latest check-up with the status of the bass music world we are checking out Liberate Vol. 1, the initial drop from the brand new label JIYU. Conceived by social entrepreneur MeSo, JIYU is his latest venture after coming off the latest news with Muze Talent. MeSo has been quietly working behind the scenes on JIYU’s development, preparing the masses for this amalgamation of a music label. With no clear sub-genre in mind, JIYU’s entire mission is to encourage artists and producers to break society’s and their own personal boundaries when it comes to their production. JIYU is already becoming an intriguing sandbox for creative minds to truly let loose and inspire their kinfolk in an artistic and stylistic manner.

I made JIYU to create a space for talented/dedicated friends to share, learn, and grow together, while being free to express themselves however they want. JIYU means “free” in Japanese. ‘Liberate, Deliver, Extricate’ are the synonyms that will be used to mark each compilation we will release.

The inspiration to create JIYU started as an idea last year when I started to work with others more often, from hosting events to partnering up with my peers and forming MUZE MANAGEMENT. I reflected on all of the talented producers I’m friends with and realized that if we came together, we could form something truly remarkable and inspirational.” – MeSo

When you have the likes of MeSo pulling on the reigns, you know that the first release from your open-ended imprint has to be something major if not ground-shaking. We’d say JIYU definitely accomplished this, with their first drop being the major all-star collaborative album Liberate Vol. 1. Consisting of fifteen different artists all across the spectrum of electronic music including bass music, trap, dubstep, world music, ambient, and glitch, Liberate Vol 1 showcases JIYU’s vision with ease. Simply put, with artists like RAfeeki, ZLEN, Herbalistek, Super Future, and Salty x Wayle on the roster, both Liberate Vol. 1 and JIYU are something that you just have to experience to understand it fully. Prepare yourselves for a deep dive, because this one deserves your complete attention.


  • RAfeeki – Stuck In A Moment
  • Salty x Waylo – Mailman Dub 
  • Dank Frank – Outside In
  • ZLEN – Hackstock
  • Kyral x Banko – Gurt
  • Herbalistek – Guffaw
  • Shaghai Doom – Instrument Complex 
  • Super Future – Make You Wanna 
  • TRON3X – ISA
  • SAGZ X MeSo – Do It Like
  • Xotix X Big City – Fuggetaboutit
  • RUVLO – Origins
  • Blurrd VZN – Phantom
  • Jeffufu – Isolate

Make sure you check out Liberate Vol. 1 on Spotify below!

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