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Need More DVBBS? Back With Newest EP “Beautiful Disaster EP”


Welcome to the MiR stage, DVBBS. What do you have to bring to the table? Coming off of a rather packed full 2016, with major live performances at Tomorrowland and EDC Las Vegas, anyone would expect these brothers to take some time off. Well why slow down? Why not have a brand new showcase featuring a massive amount of guest collaborators? Well in order to prove us wrong, they did just that. We have our crosshairs set on their newest EP Beautiful Disaster, which brings us three previously released tracks as three brand new ones!

Alright, enough about DVBBS. We are here to talk about their EP, not them after all (:D)! The newest addition to their catalog, Beautiful Disaster is an interesting collection of tracks that doesn’t just include one genre, but flows between them from one to the next. Trap? Sure. Electro-hop? Why not? Dance? Of course! Beautiful Disaster has them all. Our personal favorite over in MiR land is “Not Going Home Ft. Gia Koka”, as it reminisces within us for some of our favorite old school tracks. Did mention it also has an infectious beat? Yeah, it’s kind of ridiculous. We could dance to it all night.

Want to listen to the EP? Check it out below (That’s right, we are switching from Soundcloud to Spotify!) If the playlist below doesn’t work, follow the link!

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