Thomas Newson Showcases His Different Side and Production Prowess on 3-Track “Dysnomia” EP. Out Now on Protocol Recordings

When you have so many different individual labels to call home, you tend to find a special one for each style of music you want to explore. On our latest visit to Protocol we are checking out Dysnomia, the latest drop from Thomas Newson. First bursting out onto the scene back in 2013, Newson found initial buzz with a series of big room releases over at Revealed, Musical Freedom, and Armada, just to name a few. While he dabbled in big room back in the day, recent years have found Newson exploring groovy house sounds. After taking a quick spell over at Alok’s CONTROVERSIA, Newson stops back off at Protocol to continue his sonic journey with Dysnomia, which includes the previously released “Home” and two new additional tracks. Fun fact, Newson is also the son of DJ Marco V, who has also become a frequent collaborator.

The main goal for the EP was to show you a different side and the versatility of Thomas Newson. Since I was born, I have never stuck to one specific genre. I’m a music lover, so I like to create and play whatever I like. The ‘Dysnomia’ EP is an example of that. ‘Home’ is the perfect track you listen to while you’re traveling, 3AM is that track you play later at night when the moon shines, and ‘Dysnomia’ is the track you close your night with and return back home.” – Thomas Newson

While Newson originally popped on our radar as music fans during the height of the house and big room era, we’re often still on board when an artist makes a stylistic switch. Even though never sticking to one genre has been essentially his life motto, Newson aims to use Dysnomia as a showcase of a different facet of his sonic house production. Embodying the concept of a modern night out within a three-track EP, Dysnomia takes the listener from when you are traveling and building hype to the final moments of the night before the curtain drops. If anything, Dysnomia serves as a message to his fans and anyone listening, “I am here. I am capable of so much more…and I’m only going up from here.”

Make sure you check out Dysnomia on Spotify below!

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