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Canabliss Invites Listeners to Align on Your True Path in New single “Soul Call”

The world of downtempo is truly a magical place once you sit back and let yourself sink in. On our latest visit over to SSKWAN we are checking out “Soul Call”, the latest drop from Canabliss. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Canabliss creator Samantha Infusini discovered her talent for producing unique musical soundscapes thanks to her creative eye and drive to create her own unique sound. Dabbling in many different digital mediums including photography, music, and video games, Infusini developed a deep love for electronic music and began carefully crafting the Canabliss project, becoming an autodidact (a self-taught musician) in the process. Not held back by the bounds of genre or style, Canabliss focuses on developing her own sound and has already caught the attention of minimalist bass everywhere thanks to her debut release “Freak It” on SSKWAN back in July 2021.

“Soul Call was inspired from the idea of aligning yourself with your true path in life. It is a reminder to live in the present and to make the most out of our experiences. This song embodies the wavering journey of finding one’s self with the relaxing, ethereal atmospheres and vibrational bass.” – Canabliss

Once we start moving from the heavy basslines of bass music and into the more ethereal downtempo, artists like Canabliss make it hard for us to want to go back. With her previous release “Limbo” being featured in SSKWAN’s SYNERGY compilation, Canabliss is riding high as she adds “Soul Call” to her ever-growing catalog. Taking the concept of aligning yourself on your one path in life, the track shifts between being breathless and airy to stabbing synths that ramp up the hills and valleys of the aforementioned path. Allowing her whispers to fill in the atmospheric depth and blank space, “Soul Call” bounces between both tent poles at the edge of downtempo’s range and we are completely here for it. Canabliss we’re not completely sure about what lies for you on your true path ahead, but regardless you can count us in at least for this leg of the ride.

Make sure you check out “Soul Call” on Spotify below!

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