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It’s Time to "Shake The Ground" With a Whirlwind of Madness from Snails and Kill the Noise.

Wait, what is this? You know that if we are showcasing a new track mid-week that it has to have impressed it. This hump day we have “Shake The Ground”, the latest from producers Snails and Kill the Noise. The release his Snails’s first major release on his own new Slugz imprint, so he wanted to draft a close friend, Kill The Noise,  to help kick off the party. Snails is clearly a performer that has no limits, as he has been able to garner support from powerhouses such as Diplo and Skrillex for his continuously developing “vomit-step” style. While Snails has been busy trying to find a home for his style, even jumping over to Dim Mak and Monstercat, Snails was quietly launching Slugz with a bang. Why struggle while looking for a home and not create one yourself.
We apologize for the damage to your eardrums in advance. Snails’s style is considered “vomit-step” for a reason, as the track is intense an aggressive from the first moment. Fans of the mechanical and grunge style won’t be disappointed, as Snails keeps it hard throughout the entire track never letting down for a single second. “Shake The Ground” shows its heavy metal influences clearly and at the same time showcasing just exactly where modern electronic music can go once it breaks away from today’s genre rules. If we can say anything about the track, is that this is a monumental first release for the Slugz imprint.
We wanted to try something new and different on this one and bring our metal and rock n’ roll roots into the song,. The energy of the crowds when we drop this song at festivals is what makes it all worth it. Really, really proud of this one!” – Snails
You can check out Snails live in the flesh at these dates:
06/28 – Mooloolaba, AU – The Helm
06/29 – Brisbane, AU – The MET
06/30 – Cairns, AU – Who Said, Fred Moule Pavillion
07/05 – Adelaide, AU – Fat Controller
07/06 – Northbridge, AU – Metro City
07/07 – Sydney, AU – The Metro Theatre
07/12 – Scranton, PA – Came Bisco
08/04 – Fontana, CA – Hard Summer
08/10 – Nelson, BC – Shambhala Music Festival
08/11 – Eugene, OR – Global Dub Festival
08/11 – 8/12 – Baltimore, MD – Moonrise Festival
08/17 – Salt Lake City, UT – Das Energi
08/25 – Nürburgring, DE – New Horizons Festival
08/31 – Chicago, IL – North Coast Music Festival
09/06 – La Cygne, KS – Dancefestopia
09/02 – Boca Raton, FL – Deadbeats w/ Zeds Dead
09/14 – 9/17 – Thornville, OH – Lost Lands Music Festival
10/05 – Morrison, CO – Sluggtopia Red Rocks
Make sure you check out “Shake the Ground” below!

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