Nothing is Slowing Snails Down! First Single "Snailephant" From Upcoming EP

Some artists are on an absolutely furious bender where they can pump out banger after banger. Kicking off our coverage this week we have “Snailephant”, the latest from the maestro of “vomitstep” Snails on his imprint Slugz Music.┬áSnails is …

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Snails and Boogie T Release a Funky Vomitstep Experience in "Redline"

While we thought he was busy on tour, our boy Snails is full of surprises. This week we are checking out “Redline”, the latest release from Snails and Boogie T from Snails’ Slugz Music imprint.┬áSnails is clearly a performer …

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An Endless Tease, Snails Release 4th Remix "Only Want U (Kill the Noise Remix) From "The Shell: Remixes"

Snails, we told you last week that we are already primed and ready to go, at this point it is just overkill. Closing out our holiday weekend we have “Only Want U (Kill the Noise Remix)”, the latest remix …

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Snails Alongside Virtual Riot Revists "WFSU" in Lastest Remix From Upcoming Album

While we still have to wait for the album, we are making another visit over to the Slugz Music imprint to have our weekly teasing session. Fueling our weekend rampage we have “WFSU (Virtual Rot & Snails Remix”, yet another …

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It’s Time to "Shake The Ground" With a Whirlwind of Madness from Snails and Kill the Noise.

Wait, what is this? You know that if we are showcasing a new track mid-week that it has to have impressed it. This hump day we have “Shake The Ground”, the latest from producers Snails and Kill the Noise. The …

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