Nikki Nair Drops Sophomore Single “1overf”, The Next Step in N Goes To Infinity’s Evolution

We watched as N Goes To Infinity crested over the horizon and made its official debut…but what is next? On our latest visit over to N Goes To Inifinity we are checking out “1overf”, the latest from Nikki Nair. When it comes to the expansive landscape that is experimental music, many artists can find their niche and thrive within the confines of their own world. However, it takes a unique producer like Nikki Nair to spend the time and resources to make a home for his fellow rising stars. Officially making his online debut back in 2019, Nair has been catching the attention of tastemakers in the experimental bass world with his intriguing approach to experimental bass production. Nair has nabbed quite a few notches in their belt, including an official remix of a Kehlani track, an eight-show tour in the UK last year, and being part of Beatport Next’s program in 2022. With this momentum, Nair wanted to develop a place for other experimental producers to find support for their projects, thus welcoming N Goes To Infinity into the world.

While Nikki Nair is still rather fresh to us over here at Modern Neon, we are finally starting to focus on the core style a bit more. Officially being the second single from N Goes To Infinity, “1overf” is an interesting exercise in experimental bass music and its overall appeal. While first listen may sound like a chaotic amalgamation flowing out of the recesses of its bass music void, “1overf” is a track that grows on you the more you analyze and pick it apart. Hell, even five listens in we take each line apart and each time “1overf” sounds like a different song to us. Nair’s craftsmanship in the building of this soundscape is put on full display, with the track truly being an experimental bass experience that you simply have to push play on to full immerse and experience it your own way. With drops like “step 2” and “1overf” now out, we are excited to see how else N Goes To Infinity develops.

Make sure you check out “1overf” over on Spotify below!

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